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Looking for an affordable hair removal right in your area, then look no further and setup your appointment with us. We are #1 Salon & Spa in Brampton that are not only price friendly, but we do offer premium services for the money that you will spend. With an experience of 20 years providing waxing based hair removals, we are the best with the quality of our spa services.

Now get rid of unwanted hair in an environment that is super-clean, inviting and professional. At Brampton Salon, we provide Spa services from home based setup and we pioneer in hygienic and luxury spa services. As for the hygiene, we even surpass the best salons in the area and do not wait for end of the day to perform cleaning and sensitization, we perform all health and safety steps right after each appointment. At our salon, you are in safe hands and our experience makes sure that you get the best bang for your money spend.

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At our salon / spa, we help clients getting those unwanted hair removed professionally. From face to legs, we provide waxing services for women for any area where they do not want to see the hair. By using waxing product that is safe and high quality and with our expertise, we make sure that you experience a smoother waxing and a better service than any other salon. For us, the quality of our service matters and we look for your feedback on how good our services are or where we can improve. With constant improvement in our services, we are committed in providing a waxing service like no other.

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We know the techniques and procedure to get your body waxed with minimal pain and maximum comfort. While there is always some pain involved, only an experienced spa person can get your the smoothest and fantastic experience with hair waxing. At Brampton Spa, we have that expertise and we provide a complete range of waxing for different areas. Want provide full body waxing as well, so if you are a bride, we have a waxing solution for you as well.

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Choose our highly reliable waxing service and give us the opportunity to become your trusted spa.

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  • 20+ years of local and international experience.
  • Your dedicated spa professional.
  • Maximum hair removal for flawless skin.
  • Relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Minimal pain and maximized comfort
  • Price of waxing service that dont make a dent in your pocket.

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